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Amy Rieger

RN Nurse is Proud to Work at Accurate Home Care

Recently, Amy Rieger, RN, wrote to us about her experience of working here at Accurate Home Care. She wrote: “I am proud to be an Accurate Home Care nurse and am grateful for many reasons, but here are the three that are most important to me.

One is the flexibility of scheduling. Since I joined five years ago, Accurate Home Care has allowed me to work various shifts and days to meet my changing needs, enabling me to attend activities, reduce daycare expenses, spend more time with my family, study and attend classes. I was able to complete my nursing degree while still working, and managing my family.

This leads to another reason I’m proud to work here: Accurate Home Care has fueled my professional growth. I serve as an EHN RN today but also have worked as an LPN and Skilled Visit Nurse. The opportunity to work with diverse and complex patients taught me additional, valuable nursing skills, including hands-on procedures, assessments, communication, teaching and autonomy. I also have had the opportunity to provide care for pediatric, adult and senior patients of many backgrounds. My experiences with each of these patients made me the nurse I am today.

Third and perhaps most important of all is that Accurate Home Care provides an environment where I can provide one-on-one nursing care. This is a much-appreciated relief from the fast-paced environment of other nursing jobs. It is amazing to have the time to get to know my patients and meet their needs. It allows me to see the difference I make in their lives and their families’ lives, and that’s made my love for nursing grow even deeper!”

Thank you, Amy, for working with us and providing such high quality care! I’m proud to be working here with you at Accurate Home Care.

Bill English, CEO

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