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Our Patients Give us High Marks for Explaining the Care We’re Providing to Them

Have you ever been to the doctor and wondered what they were doing and why? Have you ever been frustrated when you found their explanations to be lacking in some way? When we’re receiving medical care, we all want to know “what’s going on”. We all need a thorough explanation of the care we’re receiving.

Communication barriers often go undetected in health care settings and can have serious effects on the health and safety of patients. Studies show that patients do not need to have limited literacy skills overall to have low health literacy. Most patients have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services so that they can make informed health decisions. This is essential to the quality of their care and to our success in providing the care they want us to provide.

In a recent Patient Satisfaction Survey, we asked our patients to consider this statement and then respond to it: “Accurate Home Care employees explain things in an understandable way”. 93% of our patients either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. The other 7% declined to answer the question, which means that none of our patients report us as being confusing or evasive when we’re explaining the care we’re providing to them.

Our Care Providers go out of their way to provide high quality care. An essential part of the care we provide is explaining our care in ways which are easily understood. We take time to answer your questions. We care about you as an individual and we understand that until you understand, it will be hard to gain your trust and confidence.

Accurate Home Care providers are second to none. If you’re looking for a high quality home care company with top-of-the-line home care providers, then look no further. Call us today at 763-633-3800 to see how we can assist you or call me directly at 763-795-3794. I’ll be happy to answer any questions for you and will route to you the right person if I can’t answer them.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

Accurate Home Care provides Private Duty Nursing, Skilled Nurses, Personal Care Assistance, Homemaking, Respite and Independent Living Services throughout the State of Minnesota.

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