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Please use the following form for general inquiries. For more specific inquiries, visit our contact forms for receiving care or providing care.

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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Toll Free866-214-3800
Phone:  763-633-3800
Fax:  763-633-3808

Mailing Address:  PO Box 740, Elk River, MN 55330

For Coordination of Care: Call the Care Plan Hotline and follow prompts to give weekly patient care update

Phone:  877-867-4500

Handles most general inquiries including ordering paperwork, timecard questions & shift call ins before and after hours

Phone:  763-633-3800

Patient paperwork, patient changes in demographics, all medical records


Anna Holan, Patient Services Coordinator

Phone: 763-795-4184

Supervisor, manages patient cares and changes, performs patient home visits



Deb VanDonsel

Phone: 763-795-3683

Lynda Eklund

Phone: 763-795-3682

Kayla Then

Phone: 763-795-3686

Jennie Krebs

Phone: 763-795-3694

Kim Tanfield

Phone: 763-795-3696

Elissa Kid

Phone: 763-795-3681


Mary Wieczorek

Phone: 763-795-3684

Stacey Nelson

Phone: 763-795-3690

Charlotte Sweere

Phone: 763-795-3688

Becky Moody

Phone: 763-795-3691

Doug Roberts

Phone: 763-795-3692

Debbie Brinkman

Phone: 763-795-3693

Nicholas Prokop

Phone: 763-795-3693

Maria Scheuren

Phone: 763-795-3687

Any schedule changes, shift call ins during business hours, time off requests, meet and greets, timecard questions


Elissa Rick

Phone: 763-633-4165

Stacy Novack

Phone: 763-633-4174

Emily Johnson

Phone: 763-633-4173

Kevyn Bourbonniere

Phone: 763-633-4164

Sammy Peterson

Phone: 763-796-3671

Lauren Peterson

Phone: 763-795-3672

Work injuries, status changes, verifications of employment, CPR


Beth Bursch, HR Generalist

Phone: 763-795-3792

Megan Wuollet, HR Assistant

Phone: 763-633-4155

PTO Balance, ADP, Direct Deposit


Michelle Ward, Payroll Administrator

Phone: 763-633-4161

Formal complaints and grievances


Brianna Lindeland, Contracting & Compliance Specialist

Phone: 763-633-4168

IT questions, Forcura


Molly Seipkes, IT Support Specialist
Phone: 763-633-4180

Patient related billing questions and concerns


Phone: 763-633-3800

Benefit plans and enrollments, leaves of absence, retirement


Kayla Satre, Benefits Administrator

Phone: 763-633-4162

Orientation, new hire paperwork, TB blood tests, fingerprints, nursing license renewal


Anna Aswegan, Onboarding Specialist

Phone: 763-795-3790

Ask us about a referral bonus!


Chelsie Yost

Phone: 763-633-4170

Shelley Nickel

Phone: 763-633-4181

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