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Why Should You Consider Working at Accurate Home Care?

We intend on becoming the best home care company in the State of Minnesota. Part of that effort is to be realistic with ourselves about why a person would want to work at Accurate Home Care.  The following is a list of reasons why you should consider working with us.  Some of these reasons are benefit-oriented – some are culturally -oriented.  But all of them are true and are not overstated.

If you want to work with an emerging leader in the home care industry in Minnesota, look no further.  By joining Accurate, you’ll be joining a company who is growing, has solid core values and works together as one team to provide excellent care to every one of our patients. 

What is your Goal? Here's How Accurate Can Help
You need some extra income. We have part-time hours available right now.
You want a better work/life balance. We have flexible scheulding to help you achieve a better work/life balance.
You want to get to know your patients better than you can in a hospital. Homecare is 1:1 work with a single patient, so you'll know your patients pretty well.
There's lots of conflict where you work. We deal with conflict as soon as it comes up.
You work in Home Care, but you need better benefits. Our medical benefits are 2nd to none. No kidding.
You want to grow professionally. You can work with different patients in different homes.
You don't want to be around contageous diseases all day. Homecare workers are rarely close to contageous diseases.
The orientation for your current job was not that good. Accurate employees tell us our orientation is thorough, relevant and (usually) the best they have ever received.
You have an Associate's degree and want to earn your BSN. We have a tuition assistance program for those earning their BSN.
You feel discounted and not valued at your present home care company. We value every Care Provider and work hard to engage each Care Provider in the life of the company as well as ensuring we support you well as you work in the field.
Your medical benefits are really expensive. Our medical health insurance plans usually save an employee 15% - 25% when compared to what they have spent in the past.
You must pay for your professional license. Accurate covers the cost of your nursing license.
Continuing education is expensive. Accurate offers free CEUs for nurses to help them maintain their license.
You're tired of traveling to get more CEUs. Accurate's continuing education is offered online so you can take it when it is convenient for you to do so.
You want to save for retirement. Accurate offers a 401K. We hope to be contributing to the 401K plan by Q4 od 2020.
You like to go to the movies now and then. Accurate offers a "Tickets at Work" perk for all our employees
You need some time off but can't afford to take it off without pay. Accurate offers Paid Time Off benefits for Care Providers and staff who work an average of 20 hours or more per week.
You'd like to see some of your colleagues work at Accurate Home Care with you. We offer an agressive referral bonus program in which you can earn up to $3000 for each LPN and/or RN you refer to Accurate for employment. There is no limit to how much you can earn in our referral bonus program.
When you commit to being at work and away from your family on holidays, that you should be compensated for this. Employees are paid 1.5 times their regular rate of pay when working on one of Accurate's recognized holidays. (This does not apply to homemaking)
You need additional life insurance. Accurate pays for a $10,000 life insurance policy for all full-time employees after their first 60 days of employment.
You have an idea on how to improve Accurate Home Care. You can always call the CEO, Bill English, and discuss your ideas directly with him.
Your manager is difficult to get along with and it seems you can never do enough to make him/her happy. We believe that if you don't know how to do something, then ask for help. You will not be criticized for asking for help when you genuinely need it.
You're tired of your bosses ignoring the truth of what is going on and how it is damaging their company, your work and your patients. We believe the Truth is Never the Problem.
You want to do your job well but feel pressured to rush through it by your manager. We believe that there is always enough time to do the job right, the first time.
You are avoiding someone at your work because you can't get along with them. You've thought about floating your resume because you can't stand to be with this person. We believe that when conflict needs to be resolved, we should first seek to understand the other person rather than trying to get them to understand us.
You're tired of being blamed for the words and actions of someone else in the office. We believe that each of us are responsible for the impact of our words and/or actions, silence and/or inaction.
You're tired of others telling you they completed a task and yet they can never seem to find documentation to prove it. We believe that if it wasn't documented properly, then it didn't happen. Even if it did happen, if it's not documented correctly, it didn't happen.
You're tired of all the fighting between departments in your office. One of our Core Values is Teamwork - we believe in working together and collaborating well to deliver the best possible care to our patients.
No one ever seems to listen to you. One of our Core Values is Compassion - which includes learning to listen well to another person, even when we disagree with them.
You're tired of co-workers not doing their part which results in you having to do more work than you should. You're tired of doing your job plus everyone else's job. One of our Core Values is Accountability, which means we are each responsible to do our jobs right, the first time, and to keep our commitments, even when doing so negatively impacts us personally.

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