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Nearly 80% of Accurate Employees Would Recommend Accurate to a Family Member or Friend

Recently, we performed an internal survey of our employees and we asked the question: “Would you recommend Accurate Home Care as a care provider organization to your family and/or friends?

79% said “Yes” – meaning they would recommend us to their family or friends. Only 12% said “no” (a number that is way too high in my estimation) and the other 9% were unsure (again, a number which is too high). Two years ago, only 67% answered “yes” to this question.

Some of the comments we recieved on this question were as follows:

Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with. I find the company’s willingness to accomodate workload and scheduling flexibility to fit the employee’s life very nice.

I feel the level of professionalism surpassed others that I’m familiar with.

AHC is a quality driven organization. We follow all DHS and ACHC fuidelines. We work hard to protect and care for our clients and employees

Actual quotes from AHC employees

 This informal version of a net promoter score also is broadly in line with what innovative companies such as Google and Apple see. It shows that the changes we’re making here at Accurate Home Care are improving our company overall. While the quality of our care has always been high, the “business” side of our company needed improvement. This latest score indicates that some of the changes we’ve made are working and appreciated by our employees.

This doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We still need to improve on our internal communication with our staff. And our follow-through on commitments needs to improve too. We will need to make sure our growing success is felt by all our employees, not just some. And we have problems fully staffing our patient’s needs – a problem that nearly all home care companies face right now.

One employee said, “There have been multiple improvements over the last couple of years” – this employee is right. We are well on our way toward achieving one of our long-term goals – to be the best home care employer in the State of Minnesota. We’re not there…yet. But I’m working hard every day to make sure we get there.

I want to say “Thank you!” to all of our employees who work every day to provide high-quality patient care! The Accurate Home Care provider team is second to none! I’m honored to be working along side each of you as we improve the quality of our patient’s lives!

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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