Above and Beyond - Katy Rubel, RN - Accurate Home Care
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Above and Beyond – Katy Rubel, RN

My name is Katy Rubel, RN. I have been a nurse since October 2013, and I have worked for Accurate Home Care since day one! I have had the immense privilege to work with a lot of amazing clients (both adult and pediatric) and their wonderful families. They have taught me so much about strength, perseverance, and what real unconditional love looks like. I have also had the good fortune to work alongside of and be trained by amazing nurses who have helped me develop clinical skills with accuracy, compassion, and a little bit of humor, too.

Being a homecare nurse has given me an opportunity to work in different environments, both in client homes and out in the community. Accurate has great support/office staff who make communication easy. Schedules are flexible, with all different kinds of shifts available, and many different skill sets needed. When you work with Accurate, you feel valued. I would recommend working for Accurate Home Care to everyone!

(Editor’s Note: Release of Information on file for patient picture)

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