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Cyberattacks and Home Care

Cyberattacks on healthcare facilities and systems are becoming increasingly common. The Wall Street Journal reports that since January of this year (2023), “the medical data of more than 61 million people has been stolen or exposed in more than 400 cyberattacks.” The average number of patients affected in a hack is 180,000, which is triple what that number has been in the last three years. Hospitals are now planning on three to four weeks of downtime in the event of a cyberattack.

Accurate Home Care is taking seriously the threat of a cyberattack. We are proactively taking measures to minimize the chance that a cyberattack or ransom demand is realized within our systems. “Most home care CEOs that I talk with aren’t even thinking about a cyberattack. They think they’re too small or that these cyber criminals won’t pay attention to them,” said Bill English, CEO, of Accurate Home Care. “But the fact is, cybercriminals, love healthcare leaders who think it will never happen to them.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have begun to treat cyberattacks in healthcare as threat-to-life crimes. That shows how serious cyberattacks are to patients. Accurate Home Care is stepping up to do everything we can to ensure our patients receive the highest care possible and ensure their patient data is secure and Accurate’s technology systems are safe.

To learn more about Accurate Home Care or to speak with Bill English, CEO, call the main number at 763-633-3800.

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