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Accurate Home Care: ‘They Really Look Out for Their Nurses’

RN Dawn Hanna of Fargo joined Accurate Home Care about six years ago because she has clients in the Moorhead, Minn., area.

“At my previous employer, they hired a nurse from Accurate and she told me about the company, and that it pays better,” Dawn recalls. Since coming aboard, she learned that’s only one of the reasons to join—and stay—with Accurate.

For starters, Accurate is one of the Upper Midwest’s few in-home care providers with broad geographic coverage, allowing people to find jobs in or near the communities in which they live.

But perhaps most significant of all, “ they really look out for their nurses,” Dawn says. “They have the best 401k benefits, and they provide us with financial advisors—they really care about my future. The pay is great, and they offer affordable insurance. And, if you need time off, they give it to you.”

Dawn takes care of a client who needs full nursing care that includes trach care and tube changes, as well as covering daytime needs. Whenever she has a question or could use some help from Accurate, it’s there.

“When I need my clinical manager with any questions, she responds back either with a text or phone call. If I can’t get a hold of her for some reason, they have other clinical managers to ask or talk with, and that’s important to me,” she says. “Communication with the home office has been great. They’ve always been there for me; they care about you.”

One other aspect to working at Accurate that Dawn says she really appreciates is the fact that President and CEO Bill English talks with employees individually. (In this 2 minute video, Bill explains why he does this.)

“[He] emailed all employees one day. I emailed him back and he responded. I’m thinking, “Is this guy for real?” she says. “Bill always gets back to me when I send him a very personal message. He even gives out his cell number to employees. He’s an excellent listener, and he puts his heart out there… The company is beautiful: they communicate with us.”

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