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Survey Finds 92% of Accurate Employees Would Recommend Accurate to their Family and Friends

That’s right. In our most recent employee survey, 92% of Accurate employees would recommend Accurate Home Care to their family and friends if they needed home care services. Considering that 61% of our employees have been with us six or more years, that’s quite an endorsement! What this shows in the outstanding patient care we deliver each and every day. Those who work here know the good and the bad and yet, 92% would recommend us to their families and friends for services!

In addition, we have been working on improving our communication with our field staff from our home office in Otsego. In our last survey, we learned that 58% agreed (and 37% were neutral) that we have improved our communication and follow-through with our field staff. I want to give a big shout-out to our staff in Otsego who work so hard, every day, to support our care providers and patients. This is the best staff we’ve had here at Accuratel Home Care and you guys deserve the recognition for a job well done!

Accurate Home Care is becoming an employer of choice for the home care industry in Minnesota. Why do nearly 600 people choose to work at Accurate Home Care? Because of our excellent culture, benefits and reputation for quality patient care. If you’re not happy with the home care company you’re working for today, consider coming to Accurate Home Care. You can call and talk about your situation with me, Bill English, directly. Just call me at 763-795-3794 or call our main number at 763-633-3800 and ask to speak to Jennifer or Chelsey in our recruiting department. You’ll be glad you took this small, but important step.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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