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Apparel Benefit for Accurate Employees

At Accurate Home Care (AHC), we poll our employees on a regular basis asking a variety of questions. One of them asks how we can show appreciation to our employees beyond pay.

The majority of Accurate employees earlier this year said they would feel appreciated if we made logoed apparel available to them. Since then, we have developed web portal called Accurate Home Care Company Store was set up to deliver this.

What’s more, however, is that we decided to provide iour employees with a $25 annual credit for anything purchased in the store. We’re fortunate to have a team of creative leaders who not only listened to employees but took it a step further by adding this credit. It’s one more example of how we do whatever we can, with the means we have, to show our appreciation for everything our employees do, especially during this year of extreme challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Clothing items are embroidered monthly and delivered to our home office in Otsego where we ship the clothing to our employees at our expense. So the $25 credit goes fully toward the purchase of clothing.

Anyone is welcome to purchase Accurate apparel. Accurate makes no money on any purchases. You should receive your clothing by the 10th of the following month in which your purchase was made.

If you would like to work for a home care company that has thorough training, a great culture, great benefits and delivers high quality care to our patients in their homes, then please talk with one of our recruiters or look through our open job postings. We’d be delighted to speak with you.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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