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Accurate Home Care Sponsors Blood Drive with Red Cross

Blood Drive 1
Pictured: Accurate Staff helping out at the Blood Drive

We’re excited today to be hosting the mobile unit from the Red Cross for blood donations.

Our schedule is “sold out” today with 30 people giving blood. Our staff took time out of their busy schedules to help check people in and get them ready to donate.


According to, the benefits of donating blood include improve your emotional well-being, reduce stress, benefit your physical health, lower negative feelings and provide a sense of belonging.

In order to give blood, you’re required to undergo a health screening.  This is a type of mini-checkup. Your pulse, blood pressure, body temperature and hemoglobin levels are checked. And your blood will be tested for several diseases including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, West Nile virus and Syphillis.

Accurate will be partnering again with the Red Cross to do more donation days in the future.  Like this event, we’ll post advanced notices on our web site and social media so you can participate.

I want to thank everyone in our community and our staff who helped make this a wonderful day of giving and helping those who desperately need more blood in their road to recovery.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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