Above and Beyond, Nicole Rademacher, RN -
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Above and Beyond, Nicole Rademacher, RN

I think if you read through the spotlights, you’ll find a common theme of humble, patient-focused care. Nicole Rademacher, RN, is no exception to this. She told me that “being a home health nurse has been a great opportunity for making a difference for those in my care.” She also talked about being an inspiration for others to work in home care – hopefully at Accurate: “I look forward to being an inspiration for others to either work for Accurate or to have a loved one placed the caring arms of your staff.”

Her Staffing Coordinator, Emily Johnson, told me that Nicole is helpful and flexible. Nicole is another nurse whom Emily “would clone in a heartbeat!”

Nicole, I it is a pleasure to work with you. We’re delighted to have your caring touch in the lives of our patients and families! Thank you for choosing to work here at Accurate!

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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