ILS Worker Loves Her Job -
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ILS Worker Loves Her Job

Recently, I had the privilege of being with Samantha McNeel in a one-on-one session to talk about how things were going in the ILS world. She expressed to me how much she loves her job, so I asked her if she would write a testimonial about her work here at Accurate Home Care. Samantha replied with this:

“Working for Accurate Home Care has been amazing. I love having the flexibility of a schedule! With my family living in a different state, it is hard to be able to see them with a normal schedule. Now being able to schedule that time in, and move things around, it gives me a chance to make it home more often! The leadership at Accurate Home Care is always helpful, and truly makes you feel as if you belong with this company! Rarely ever will you not be able to stop in any of their offices and connect with them to problem-solve or a simple check-in! As my first time doing ILS, my supervisor has been there the entire process. Though working independently, it is always great to have a resource in my back pocket when I’m stuck on a problem! Having this amazing support system at work gives me the ability to perform more efficiently, and helps give me a higher quality of care to the people I support.”

Samantha, we’re honored to have you working here at Accurate Home Care! Thanks for doing such a great job and giving quality care to our ILS clients!

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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