ICHRA Health Insurance Plan Provides Coverage for 17yo Daughter |

ICHRA Health Insurance Plan Provides Coverage for 17yo Daughter

Shelley, one of our steller recruiters, recently wrote to me about our ICHRA – Individual Contribution Health Reimbursement Account – health plan. “I couldn’t afford health insurance for my 17 yr old daughter last year, as the premium was too high.  With our new plan, this year I am able to provide her with health insurance.  With the amount that Accurate pays, I am still within my budget and she now has coverage! I loved the fact that I got to chose our plan too.  We were able to chose a Gold plan – for just a little bit more than I paid last year for just myself.”

Our ICHRA helped Shelley get better coverage for herself and her daughter. I’m proud that Accuate Home Care is providing better coverage with lower costs for our employees. Depending on your situation, you might save $3000/year or more just by working full-time at Accurate Home Care.

To learn more about working for Accurate Home Care, you can talk with Shelley directly at 763-633-4181. Or, if you’d prefer, you’re always welcome to call me at 763-795-3794.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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