Accurate RN Nurse Loves the Challenges in Home Care Nursing |

Accurate RN Nurse Loves the Challenges in Home Care Nursing

Professional growth is important in every career. Growing professionally helps us gain new skills and work experience that can help us reach a goal as we progress in our careers. In this ever-changing job market, staying up-to-date with trends will gives us a better chance to distinguish ourselves among others for years to come. Of the six common ways to grow professionally, three have to do with increased knowledge and skills: find a mentor, master your skills and further your education. (If you’re interested, the other three ways are ask for more responsibility, take performance reviews seriously and build your professional network).

Nursing is no exception, which is why we were excited to read this email from Shannon Korhonen, RN:

“Being an Accurate Home care nurse has benefited me by challenging my skills as a nurse. I have had the opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge as a registered nurse while receiving support and guidance when needed from Accurate Home Care. Accurate home care has benefited my client through the compassionate care the company provides and by giving clients the opportunity to receive care at home.”

Shannon represents the best in nursing: someone who cares deeply for her patient(s) and is pushing herself to grow professionally. Shannon – we’re so happy to have you working with us! Keep growing too!

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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