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Accurate Mental Health strives to improve the mental health of our clients and their families. The therapy, skills, and support we provide our individuals allows them to improve their functioning at home, school, and in the community.

Day Treatment is part of the mental health continuum of care for children (ages 5—17). CTSS address the conditions of emotional disturbance that impair and interfere with one’s ability to function independently compared to same age peers. Day Treatment can be part of a series of multidisciplinary interventions to help restore a child or adolescent to a level of healthy functioning before the mental disorder interfered with their daily life.

Day Treatment programming can work with the child, client, and families from 9—18 months, which is a long term approach to health and change.

We expect parent(s)/guardian(s) to be involved in the treatment of their child. This includes every 90 days to physically come to the facility to sign the Individual Treatment Plan. Phone calls are always welcomed.

Princeton school district is working along side Accurate Day Treatment and believes in the value of real—life learning the coping skills and then practicing those coping skills in a small classroom setting.

Concerns that we address:

• School problems
• Family problems
• Behavioral problems
• Anger/Aggression
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Suicidal thinking/actions 
• County Involvement

Our program Offers:

• Weekly individual therapy, daily group therapy, and daily social skills groups
• Individual Treatment Plans and goals 
• Real-life opportunities to develop and practice learned skills
• Ongoing support for clients and their families


Admissions Process


Mental Health

  1. Receive a referral and contact Accurate Home Care. 
  2. Current Diagnostic Assessment (DA) or one can be done at intake
  3. Clinical Supervisor will review and complete DA review form Supporting Documents (Previous Treatment Plan, Behavior Plans, IEPs, Demographic Information)
  4. The Clinical Supervisor will contact the family within 48 hours of initial intake email and will schedule the tour of facility and DA.
  5. Facility Tour
  6. Clinical Trainee will complete DA for review and signature by Clinical Supervisor within three days. Once submitted, the Clinical Supervisor will review and sign off on the DA
  7. A follow-up meeting for one week will be scheduled by the Clinical Trainee and family/responsible party to review and sign Treatment plan. (Services can begin the following business day)