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Welcome Bonus Announced

Running through Friday, July 31st, Accurate Home Care will be offering our Welcome Bonus in which we are offering a $3000 bonus to RNs and LPNs who choose to take either part-time or full-time employment with us.

The eligibility criteria for new nurses include:

  • Must be a Licensed RN or LPN in good standing with Board of Nursing
  • Must sign employment agreement by Friday, July 31st
  • Must have his/her solo First Billable Shift by end of the month, September

Our Welcome Bonus is ideal for:

  • Graduating Seniors from Nursing programs
  • Those who only need or want part-time work
  • Those who have lost their nursing jobs due to COVID19
  • Those who want to continue their nursing career, but no longer want to be around COVID19 or other diseases in the hospitals
  • Those who have retired from nursing but would like a flexible work schedule which fits with their retirement plans
  • Those who have been working in a toxic culture and would like to further their career in a much better culture

The bonus is earned over time- one to two years – which means those seeking part-time employment will also benefit from our Welcome Bonus.

To learn more about our Welcome Bonus and why you’ll want to work at Accurate Home Care, please call our recruiting team at 763-633-3800 or email them at recruiting@accuratehomecare.com.

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