Accurate's ICHRA Health Insurance Continues to Perform at a High Level -
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Accurate’s ICHRA Health Insurance Continues to Perform at a High Level

Accurate has used the ICHRA – Individual Contribution Health Reimbursement Account to fund the health insurance for our employees. We were the first home care company in the State to implement this cutting edge, cost-saving health insurance model. This model allows each employee to choose their own health insurance plan. They have greater control over their health care because they have greater control over their health insurance. These plans are highly affordable, making coverage available to more of our employees and their families.

Low Rate Increases

I’m pleased that our rate increases for 2021 will be modest – averaging just over 4% Statewide. While the rate of increase is commensurate with expected group plan increases, the raw dollars Accurate employees pay is much lower than a traditional group health plans offered by other home care companies.

Low Monthly Costs

For example, in 2020, the average amount an Accurate employee paid for individual health insurance was ~$126/month. After the expected increases are included for 2021, we anticipate this average cost going up only $7/month to $133/month/employee. Now, actual costs will vary based on A) the age of our employee and B) the plan they choose to purchase from the current individual insurance market and C) the county in which our employee lives. But you can easily see that with Accurate paying 81% of our employees’ health insurance premiums, moving your employment in home care to Accurate could save you thousands each year.

I’m proud of the strong Employee Value Proposition we’re building here at Accurate Home Care. New employees are telling me our training is thorough, our culture is great and our health insurance is affordable. I think you’ll find that Accurate is becoming the employer-of-choice in Minnesota for those desiring a career in home care.

Call Us Today

If you’re a Care Provider working in Home Care and you’re tired of paying the high costs of group medical insurance with your current employer – or if your current home care employer doesn’t offer any health insurance benefits – then call us. We’ll walk you through how affordable your insurance could be by simply working here at Accurate Home Care, doing what you love to do, every day. Our number is 763-633-3800.

And, as always, if you want to contact me directly, you can do so at 763-795-3794.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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