Accurate Home Care Nominated for ACG's 2019 BOLD Award -
Bold Award

Accurate Home Care Nominated for ACG’s 2019 BOLD Award

Accurate Home Care has been nominated for the Minnesota ACG (Association for Corporate GrowthBOLD Award (here too). While you might not have heard of this award, in the finance, investment and private equity circles in the Twin Cities, this is a well-respected award.

In the past 12 months, Accurate Home Care has taken a number of positive steps to building a bright future:  

  • Developed a daily cash tracking system which informs us about our financial health every day
  • In the last 90 days, doubled the number of new care provider applications for employment as well as the number of new signed offer letters for employment
  • Significantly improved our new employee on-boarding process to be more lean and efficient
  • Better alignment between our Clinical Managers and our Patient Scheduling Representatives which results in better customer services to our Care Providers and Patients
  • Improved communication through monthly emails to all care providers and families as well as holding live, online webinars for care providers and families to attend regarding important updates at AHC
  • In the process of updating old, outdated firewalls to provide better security and faster communications
  • Accepting more than double the number of new patients who call us for care
  • Improved operations and new patient on-boarding in both mental health day treatment programs
  • Implemented new core values and standard operating principles which everyone can support and live out in our daily lives

 We now receive positive comments on a regular basis. Here is a sample from one of our nurses:  

“Thank you SOO much for this heads up on my expiring CPR.  If I am not mistaken, this is the first time in my 5 years with Accurate that I have ever gotten one of these reminders!!  I was THRILLED that the available classes were listed in previous newsletters and there were even instructions on how to sign up for the course online.  I was successful in doing that even though I am technologically challenged …Again, thanks for much for this follow-up.  It really shows Accurate is getting more organized and proactive!! Very encouraging!!  Appreciate your hard work!

At our mid-year company meeting this past July, we honored two nurses who have been with us for over 15 years. One of them – Kristin Elwood, RN, said this:

“After getting laid off from Prudential Insurance, I was guided into nursing by my husband and father-in-law.  They saw by my personality that I would make a good nurse.  Right after graduation, I was hired by Accurate and a dermatology clinic.  After 6 months I went on full time with Accurate.  I realized my calling was to take care of individuals in the comforts of their own homes.  I took care of infants all the way to geriatrics.  I felt a sense of pride knowing I helped improve a clients’ well-being, giving them comfort and support and watching them grow into the individuals they are today…I like the flexible work schedule, the online education and the open communication.”

 Improved operations and processes, a positive culture where the truth is not the problem, a more stable financial picture…all while continuing to provide excellent patient care – none of this could have been achieved without our professional and caring staff!  

While we’re up against some stiff competition for the BOLD award, this nomination shows is that we’re doing the right things to turn Accurate Home Care into one of the best home care companies in the State of Minnesota.  Our future is bright. This nomination is one indication of that bright future.

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