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A Thanksgiving Message from Accurate’s CEO

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – one of my favorite times of the year. I have family flying in from Indianapolis to enjoy the holiday with us – my cousin Jenny and her husband, Tom. Our parents have all passed, leave us the joy of being the “senior” generation. Tom is one of the funniest people I know and Jenny is a close cousin. We have a family tradition of playing “Ruin Your Neighbor” – it’s a card game similar to Uno.  I’m sure we’ll be playing a few rounds on Thursday as we attempt to “ruin” each other! 

David, my son, will be home from college.  He’s a Philosophy major and is learning Bibical Greek. He wants me to help him with his Greek, so I’ll be working with him on vocabulary, declensions and parsing verbs. It will be a good refresher for me as well.  I enjoyed Hebrew more than Greek, but it’s still good to dive back into that language. Anna wants to try a new way of cooking a turkey, so she and I will be rubbing some type of brine on it and following directions (hopefully – she sometimes can be creative enough to not follow directions!).  She wants to pair a great wine with the turkey, so she’s researching which wine to buy.  I hope it’s not too expensive. Also, we have a gal Anna’s age (20) living with us.  She has a difficult home life and has no father in her life at all.  She needs a place to crash for a few months.  We’re grateful she is living with us.

Thanksgiving is not as much about the turkey and football as it is about family and giving thanks. I have much for which I am thankful, such as my loving wife, great kids, freedom, good friends, a warm house, a great job, a great church and a loving Savior.  But I’m also very thankful to be working with the ~800 employees at Accurate Home Care.

Since last Thanksgiving, we have continued to work to build the best home care company in the State of Minnesota.  I continue to hold each Accurate employee in the highest respect and admire them for their talent and strong commitment to our patients, their families and each other.  I’ve witnessed in action their professionalism and high ethical standards. Accurate employees are a great group with whom to work because, to a person, each one is a great person.  I’m not kidding.

I’m grateful for the progress we have made in the last 22 months. Our culture is pretty good now.  Our financial stability is continuing to strengthen.  Our processes are getting better all the time.  We’re making better decisions. We’re hiring better too. And no one is working harder than us to find nurses and PCAs to staff our patient’s needs.  So on this day of giving thanks, I thank God that I get to work with the Accurate Home Care staff in a common bond for a common purpose – serving our patients and their families with deep respect, loving care and high, professional standards.  I can’t think of any other business I’d rather be leading right now than Accurate Home Care.

As we celebrate this meaningful holiday with family and friends, reminesce a bit and laugh out loud with those closest to us, my hope is that we learn, once again, the value of gratefulness and taking time to give thanks for what we have, the noble work in which we engage and the relationships – inside and ourside of work – we enjoy everyday.

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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