Above and Beyond, Bethany Beyer, RN |
Bethany Beyer

Above and Beyond, Bethany Beyer, RN

Recently, I received wonderful news about Bethany Beyer, RN, and am delighted to spotlight her! She is the type of nurse we hire here at Accurate Home Care. Her family’s RP (Responsible Party) wrote this: “I wanted to let you know how Bethany Beyer has gone above and beyond to fill open shifts over the last several months, both to cover nurses shifts that are out on Covid protocol as well as helping covering open shifts due to being short staffed.  She is one of the most dedicated nurses I have had the privilege to work with and I greatly appreciate the special care she provides to [our patient].”

Dedication. Special Care. Dependability. Among others, these are just some of the professional characteristics of a mature, caring, dedicated nurse, like Bethany. She lives out our Core Value of Compassion, by caring for her patient, being as helpful as possible when it is in our power to do so and taking to listen and understand others as she cares for her patient.

I’m honored to have Bethany working with us here at Accurate!  Thank you, Bethany, for your dedication and the “special care” you provide! I know your patient and his family value your presence as you work to make their lives better.

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