Above and Beyond - Tepreene, R., PCA -
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Above and Beyond – Tepreene, R., PCA

Recently, Tepreene was nominated for our Above and Beyond award here at Accurate Home Care.

The person who nominated her said this: “Tepreene is friendly and joyful, making me feel better and ready to start my days. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She does everything asked of her, with no attitude but rather with eagerness and a will to please. She pays close attention to the way I want things so in the future I don’t need to explain my wants or needs with similar tasks. Tepreene goes with the flow of the day rather than by strict schedule or to do list. she helps immensely with my cognitive and emotional issues. She helps me to calm down or to stay calm. She helps me to see things more realistically or calmly. She has great understanding and empathy towards me and toward my disabilities and issues. I never feel bad in any way when she’s with me. In short, Tepreene goes above and beyond her expected duties to help me with my disabilities and issues.”

Tepreene – we’re delighted that you’re working with us here at Accurate Home Care! Thanks for doing a great job for our patients!

Bill English, CEO

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