Above and Beyond - Merryl Sexton, LPN |
Merryl Sexton

Above and Beyond – Merryl Sexton, LPN

Merryl has worked with Accurate Home Care since 2019. Coming from Florida, her career in health care began as a CNA for four years and then she has worked as an LPN for 27 years. She worked in the hospital for 10 years specializing in Telemetry and Neuro units for 6 months of the year and as a float nurse the other 6 months which allowed her experience all types of nursing including the ER and doctors offices. She also worked in geriatric homecare and it was her client coming to Minnesota which brought her here.

“I fell in love with the Minnesota nice and this beautiful state”, Merryl said. Since moving here and working in pediatric home care, she tells us that this has “changed my life to see this amazing medically fragile child thrive and also helping the parents have some sort of normalcy. It brings so much joy to my world.”

In addition to her fitness certifications, she also managed fitness clubs and competed at a national level in bodybuilding.  “I have been able to incorporate each of my prior professional experiences into my nursing jobs which, I believe, benefits both the patient and me.

Merryl was nominated for this award by her RP, who told us that “she is an incredible caring, loving and reliable nurse. Every day she goes above and beyond to help our son stay safe and help me with all of his cares, Dr. appointments, medicines, therapies and playing with <patient name withheld>. We are so happy she is our nurse!”

We’re so happy that she provides such great care! And we’re honored to have her working with us here at Accurate Home Care! Thanks for doing a great job, Merryl, and for representing yourself, your profession and Accurate in such a professional and caring manner!

Bill English, CEO
Accurate Home Care

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