Above and Beyond - Doug Roberts, RN, Clinical Manager -
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Above and Beyond – Doug Roberts, RN, Clinical Manager

Recently, two of our Otsego staff members nominated Doug for our Above and Beyond award. They said, “All of our RN and LSW Clinical Managers are wonderful to work with, and in the last few weeks Doug has really stood out with his communication, compassion, and drive to help our patients. In general, Doug is very aware of the unique situations of each patient and field staff that he oversees. When we run into a barrier he goes above and beyond and takes any step he can to do what is best for the patient and make sure each option is explored. Recently a patient who has been struggling was reduced in services and he has continuously advocated for this patient to the county along with another member of her care team. He also informed them of changes that they were not aware of and that the patient was not able to communicate. With the services being reduced and the patient having fewer resources, Doug has set aside extra time to check in on them, send updates to members of the patient’s care team, push for additional resources, and keeps us informed on progress.”

Doug noted that the best part of his day is when “I am able to meet face to face with my patients or the staff I supervise.” He also feels that each person is special with whom he works.

Doug also said that the “patients and the families that I serve are committed to keeping their loved one at home where they are the most comfortable. I try to match that commitment each morning when I get up so they can continue to be safe at home.”

Doug is the father of two boys and a girl. He is proud that they all work in jobs which serve others. He said, “My sons are teachers, and my daughter is a nurse. I am very proud of who they are and what they do. I am a new grandfather of a beautiful girl and I love that new role very much.”

Doug thanks for doing a great job for our patients and for your professionalism in what you do every day! We’re proud to have you working with us here at Accurate Home Care!

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