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Philanthropy has been part of the AHC culture since we started the business in 2002. In 2010, we created a more formal volunteer and charity contribution plan to expand our vision of to help those in need and include those in our local community and elsewhere. The program is designed to:

  • Promote not just donations, but volunteer time as well
  • Encourage generosity
  • Make it easy for our employees to sponsor and show up to support programs, charities and events that mean something near and dear to their hearts and
  • Provide AHC employees with the opportunity to chair and rally others to promote the good things in our communities and help those in need.

Strong communities require strong support and leadership. Through financial contributions, donations and volunteerism, AHC supports a wide range of initiatives focused on enhancing the lives of our clients, expanding their opportunities and promoting well-being for generations to come.

For a list of volunteer opportunties, please visit our Upcoming Events page.