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Why are you called "Accurate" Home Care?
Accurate Home Care's name was chosen because we wanted to be the agency that did everything "accurately." All of the things that we do on a daily basis are done to perfection and we strive to always be the leader in the home health care industry.
What level of technology and skill level can Accurate Home Care provide?
At Accurate Home Care, we are able to bring the same level of high-tech care provided in the hospital setting into the home environment. The needs of our clients can be met in the privacy of their home with those who care about them the most. It is a proven fact that people heal more quickly in their homes, where they are most comfortable. Our clients vary in diagnosis as well as in the degree of difficulty with regards to the cares needed. We are able to accommodate all levels of care necessary by providing the continuum of care from basic personal care to complex ventilator/IV/cardiac care. Families find our service one that can grow with them, whether they are getting better or wishing to pass in their home, AHC is an answer to providing the care necessary.
How do I get started as a new client?  What is the process like?
When a client is in need of home care- a family member, county case worker, or hospital care manager calls our intake department. At this time, we assist in the initial start up process of home care.  An RN clinical manager or Licensed Social Worker from our agency and an HR Generalist are assigned to each case. All of our clients then get to meet and CHOOSE their caregivers. We provide all necessary training for our field professionals so that the transition to having caregivers in the home is as smooth and safe as possible. We also provide several other resources in each home to allow for the best care, including family training.
Do you include the patient and his/her family in developing the plan of care?
Yes.  We believe that family involvement is a key in keeping loved ones in their homes.  We absolutely incorporate family input when developing plans of care for the client.
Is the patient’s course of treatment documented, detailing the specific tasks to be carried out by each professional caregiver?
Yes, each client has a care plan and doctor’s orders in the home for all staff to follow.
Do you provide references?
Yes.  We are happy to provide references upon request. We do not provide a standard list, but rather one that is tailored to your families' needs. This not only allows you to have the confidence that we are open about our services, but also helps families in similar situations to connect and enables a support network within our company.
Most accidents happen in the home; do you consider safety a major concern?
Yes.  Safety is our number one concern.  We provide training to all staff to ensure safety is always being considered in the home. In addition, as we continue our relationship with our clients, our Clinical Managers go over emergency protocol at each of their visits with the staff on duty. In the event that we see potential other saftey concerns for our staff, we will also address them in a professional manner with you, the family.
Do you provide the service of a qualified professional and/or who oversees the staff in my home?
Yes.  Every client is assigned an RN clinical manager or Licensed Social Worker who develops the care plan and doctor’s orders, as well as act on behalf of the client if there are other concerns that arise.  The Qualified Professional is available for additional training and supervision of staff. If there are any concerns that arise during the partnership we create, the Clinical Manager is there to facilitate a professional solution.
How is Accurate Home Care different from other home care agencies?
We know we may be biased, but we truly believe we are the best home care agency out there. We are continuously changing to meet the needs of both our clients and field professionals. We care about each and every client and field professional and they are a part of our family. We are in constant contact with all those associated with our agency. We strive to keep happy employees by allowing for tremendous flexibility, top pay and excellent benefits. We keep our clients happy by providing them with fully staffed schedules and competent, trained professionals. Each month, we offer many educational opportunities to both our employees and clients. We have support groups and an extensive network available for all who are interested.
With AHC, you will find an unprecedented customer service model, cutting edge clinical management model, the ability to choose your caregivers and a commitment to continuous education. These pillars are the differentiators for our company.
What are your employees like?
All of our field professionals are CPR certified and are always receiving additional training to keep up with the latest technology and medical advancements. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful, reliable and empathetic. It is our philosophy for everyone involved with our agency to have a personal and caring touch. Each staff has a different characteristic that makes them a good fit for you, but at the core of every one of them is the passion to serve the client and make a difference in the world.
Why do people want to work for Accurate Home Care?
Field professionals choose to work for Accurate Home Care because we provide more flexibility than other facilities. Each employee tells us when they want to work and we schedule around their availability. We offer top pay and excellent benefits. Employees choose and refer others to us because they know they are appreciated and cared about at Accurate Home Care. They also know that we listen to their needs and wishes. Our number one way employees AND clients come to us is through word of mouth. It's been this way for over 10 years- and that makes us proud that they are so proud of the work we do and the employer we are!
What type of training do employees receive?
Our employees go through an extensive orientation at one of our offices. At this time, they are trained on numerous situations that they may encounter, emergency procedures and other safety concerns that can arise in the homes. We provide ventilator and other home care equipment classes to our employees. All employees are also required to complete an “on the job” orientation at each home that they provide care in. In addition to all of these required trainings to ensure safe care in the home, we provide ongoing monthly continuing educational opportunities.
What benefits do you offer?
We offer a comprehensive benefit package consisting of the following: Health insurance, Flex Spending Account, Dental, 401k with company match, Paid Time Off, Holiday Pay, shift differential and AFLAC. We also have monthly drawings for various prizes throughout the year.
How have you grown? How do you maintain the personal touch with such high growth?
Accurate Home Care has grown by leaps and bounds each year merely by word of mouth. Because we provide excellent service, along with highly-trained professionals in the homes, we continue to receive repeat referrals for clients AND employees. We are adamant that as we continually grow, we will never lose our personal touch philosophy. We feel it is important that everyone feel welcome and special at Accurate Home Care, which is why we’re available 24-hours per day. It is also the reason we have strategically placed offices across all three states we service.
Are you licensed by the State and/or accredited by an independent organization?
Yes.  Accurate Home Care holds a Class A Professional Home Care license through the Minnesota Department of Health and is Medicare Certified in Minnesota.
How long have you been providing service within the community?
We have been accepting clients across Minnesota since January 2002.