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Client Spotlight: Maisy

MaisyMartindale Home Care“I feel really happy when I come home because my nurses are there!” Maisy said. She is a spunky 9 year old who loves her Accurate Home Care nurses so much she wants to be one when she grows up! She said if not a nurse, she’d like to be a teacher, and when asked about it she sat down and taught an entire lesson to an imaginary class!   

She has been an Accurate client since 2008 when she started with 24-hour nursing care. She has since weaned off of her vent and has significantly reduced her nursing hours. She and her family are looking forward to completely graduating nursing services this December when she has her Gtube removed!

Although she has had several health issues and 34 surgeries in her short life, Maisy has an amazingly positive attitude. She showed a glimpse of how brave she is when she calmly explained that she doesn’t mind going in for surgery, and it doesn’t really scare her.

MaisyMartindale At Home With FamilyHer father Mark said that their Accurate Home Care nurses have been a huge help in keeping Maisy home and their family together. A major benefit of home care nursing is the caregivers’ ability to catch Maisy’s illnesses quickly before they get out of hand and force her to be hospitalized. He said, “It is amazing how home care nurses can acclimate to different homes and have great flexibility. Home care is beneficial because it provides 1-on-1 care from nurses who know the patient very well.”

Maisy loves her family and spending time at home. She likes coloring and drawing, being outside, taking naps, playing school, and has had a great time being in beauty pageants! She is also excited to start dance!


#1 Nancy Barnes 2016-11-09 21:35
I'm so happy for Maisy!

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