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Happy Holidays!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this holiday season filled with cheer! We are so proud of our generous employees who are happy to put others before themselves. This year our Moline and Peoria offices donated to Toys for Tots, the Fargo office donated household and winter items to Churches United for the Homeless, and our Otsego office donated gifts for Adopt a Family through Interfaith Outreach.

As Accurate Home Care nears our 15th anniversary next month, we are proud to have so many employees who are still living out the values that the company was started on. Giving back to people in need and investing in local communities are top priorities that are still being shown by Accurate employees.

Although the industry of home care is all about keeping families together in the comfort of their homes and providing services that allow people to keep their independence, we hope to go one step further and show that we genuinely care for the people we serve. This is not possible without our wonderful staff!

We look forward to continued growth and improvement in 2017 as we always strive to provide the best possible service to all audiences—including clients, employees, and referral sources. From all of us here at Accurate Home Care, we hope you and yours have had a wonderful holiday season, and wish you a happy and safe New Year’s celebration! 

Warm and Fed Charity Event

Group PhotoThis year, Accurate Home Care sponsored our 4th Warm and Fed High School Challenge. This was the 4th annual event that is a competition between Twin Cities high schools to see who can raise the most donations. The school that brings in the most donated warm clothing and non-perishable food items wins a pep rally put on by the Minnesota Vikings.

This year was the 3rd year in a row that Shakopee High School won the challenge, so they decided to take it one step further and donate their Vikings appearance to clients of the charitable organizations! Students from Shakopee High School’s LEAD group were joined at a private luncheon with MN Vikings players by Salvation Army families, as well as some Accurate Home Care client families! This year they raised over 2,500 donated items for people in need.

In the past four years, local high schools have raised over 40,000 cold weather and non-perishable food items for this challenge. We are very proud to have been involved with the Warm and Fed Challenge these past few years, and were overjoyed to be able to have some of our clients attend the luncheon this month!

Community Health Charities

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Accurate Home Care was founded to benefit the communities it serves. Giving back to those in need has always been at the heart of what we do. Our employees continue to show this by generously donating money and time to great charitable causes—especially those which benefit the local communities we’re in. Many of our employees participate in our corporate charitable giving program, in addition to the various events and donation drives we do throughout the year.

Starting January 1st, 2017, we are changing the way we manage employee charity contributions. Going forward, all employee contributions will go through Community Health Charities. This will make it much easier for employees to choose specific charity organizations (both national and local) to donate to. There will also be many more volunteer opportunities, resources, and education through various charity organizations.

Respiratory Therapy Blog: Breathing Easy

Karen Respiratory TherapyRespiratory therapists educate, diagnose, and treat people who are suffering from heart and lung problems. Specialized in both cardiac and pulmonary care, Respiratory Therapists often collaborate with specialists in pulmonology and anesthesia in various aspects of clinical care of patients. They play a vital role in both medicine and nursing. An important part of the ICU is the initiation and maintenance of mechanical ventilation and the care of artificial airways. Respiratory therapists are also primary clinicians in conducting tests to measure lung function and teaching people to manage asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder among other cardiac and lung functions. 

Accurate Home Care has recognized the importance of having a respiratory specialist on staff. We are the only non-DME nursing agency that has a Respiratory Therapist on staff. Outside of clinics and hospitals, Respiratory Therapists often manage home oxygen needs of patients and their families, providing around the clock support for home ventilators and other equipment for conditions like sleep apnea. In the clinic or outpatient setting, they assist with diagnosis and serve as an educator for patients suffering from cardiac and respiratory illness. They also work in schools as asthma educators, and in sleep clinics with physicians in the diagnosis of sleep-related illnesses. Respiratory therapists are migrating toward a role with autonomy similar to the nurse practitioner, or as an extension of the physician like the physician assistant, as they are already frequently utilized as complete cardiovascular specialists.

Client Spotlight: Maisy

MaisyMartindale Home Care“I feel really happy when I come home because my nurses are there!” Maisy said. She is a spunky 9 year old who loves her Accurate Home Care nurses so much she wants to be one when she grows up! She said if not a nurse, she’d like to be a teacher, and when asked about it she sat down and taught an entire lesson to an imaginary class!   

She has been an Accurate client since 2008 when she started with 24-hour nursing care. She has since weaned off of her vent and has significantly reduced her nursing hours. She and her family are looking forward to completely graduating nursing services this December when she has her Gtube removed!

Although she has had several health issues and 34 surgeries in her short life, Maisy has an amazingly positive attitude. She showed a glimpse of how brave she is when she calmly explained that she doesn’t mind going in for surgery, and it doesn’t really scare her.

Planning Ahead for Care

Accurate Home Care’s Founder and CEO, Amy Nelson recently spoke at an event where the primary audience was retirement age and beyond. She was asked to be a guest speaker to come in and talk about the resources that are available to people who are looking for more information regarding the home care industry. Although Accurate provides services to clients of all ages and care requirements, she spoke specifically to where many of her audience members were in life. However, many of her points apply to any family who may be preparing to start home care services.

It was a great opportunity for her to talk about how important it is to know about home care before you or a loved one actually needs it. Unexpected circumstances often arise, and by knowing the options available, some of the stress when going through a transitional time can be alleviated.

She covered some common signs of need such as memory loss, medication noncompliance or confusion, lack of motivation, and house needs not being met. Looking out for telltale signs of need is a big piece in being prepared to get the care you or a loved one need.

Things to consider ahead of time so it doesn’t become a crisis-time decision include insurance or cost, what environment would be the best fit, and what medical cares need to be met. Discussing these things ahead of time help to make a choice that gives you and your family the most control and sense of empowerment with the care you or a loved one receives. It also allows you to have more buy-in when it comes time to make decisions.

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