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Extended Hour Nursing Services

PF 8What is Extended Hour Nursing?
  • Extended Hour Nursing Services (also known as Private Duty Nursing Services) are deemed medically necessary by a physician with proper orders and authorization to qualifying agencies.
  • Qualifying agencies assess consumers cares for appropriate nursing hours and develop a plan of care which is then authorized by the consumer’s physician and appropriate payer source.
  • Nurses observe, monitor, intervene, and evaluate consumers during their shifts based on plan of care.
  • Services can be provided in a consumer’s home or outside the home in school, work, or public settings depending on the consumer’s condition.
  • Typically, in order to be considered “Extended Hour Nursing,” consumers qualify for 4 or more hours per day; services can be up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Often, Hourly Nursing is an alternative option for a consumer who would otherwise require hospital, transitional care or nursing home level care.
When Extended Hour Nursing may be appropriate for a consumer:
  • Ventilator dependent
  • Tracheostomy cares
  • Feeding Tube needs
  • Infusion Therapy needs
  • Consumer requires 4 hours or more of nursing cares per day
Who can provide Extended Hour Nursing Services?
  • A registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who is employed with a licensed home care agency.
  • An independent RN
  • An independent LPN
  • In special circumstances, a parent of a minor child, spouse, or non-corporate legal guardian or conservator that is an RN or LPN who is employed with a licensed home care agency and is on a Hardship Waiver.

How do people pay for Extended Hour Nursing Services?
  • State funded Medicaid and Waiver Programs: Minnesota
  • Private pay (agency rates will vary)
  • Private Insurance
  • Long term Care Insurance
  • Disease Management Groups, e.g., ALS Association

How do you find an agency that provides Extended Hour Nursing Services?
  • Contact your county public health nurse to get a list of qualified providers in your area and find out if you qualify for state funded services.
  • Contact a home care agency directly.
  • Talk with Care Managers, Social Workers, Nursing Supervisors, Discharge Planners, or Doctors and Nurses at healthcare facilities.
  • Search the internet for agencies servicing your geographical area.
  • Ask people at Health Care related Support Groups.
  • Ask professionals at Disease Management Groups, e.g., Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Talk with family and friends who have used home care services before.
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