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STEP Program FAQ

Q: Do I have to come into the office for training? 
A: Yes, there will be classroom training in the office once a month. We will schedule the classes in the evenings.
Q: Why was this program developed?
A: To create a greater connection between our fieldstaff, Accurate Home Care, and the community.
Q: How long is the program?
A: The program runs for 6 months.
Q: Is this program free?
A: Yes, the program is free for current employees to participate in.
Q: Am I paid to be in the program?
A: You are not compensated for being in the program, it is all voluntary. However, you do get a bonus at the end for successful completion.
Q: Am I guaranteed a raise?
A: There is no guarantee of a raise. However, it will be seriously considered for each and every candidate.
Q: Will I be offered a different position?
A: You will not be offered a different position. However, you would be eligible to apply for the Ambassador program and/or you may qualify for a scholarship to advance your career! Also, you will have preferential consideration for employment opportunities that you may be interested in.
Q: Will this give me seniority over others when it comes to positions?
A: This will give you higher consideration when it comes to clients and hours.