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Forcura Mobile Security

Forcura takes the security of your documents and messages seriously. We are constantly working to update and improve the protection of your documents and data. Here are just some of the measures we take to make sure patient data is safe:

  • 100% HIPAA Compliant
  • PIN or fingerprint authentication
  • No caching occurs on the device - data is cached to the RAM only and not to disk
  • End-to-end encryption: Messages and Documents are transferred through HTTPS
  • All data is encrypted at Rest (in the database)
  • Temporary Device Tokens are encrypted using the keychain
  • Nothing is stored locally except for pending documents
  • Pending docs leverage AES256 encryption



Instructional Guide and Troubleshooting

1. Downloading Forcura

The Forcura app is available for download free of charge in the Apple App store (iOS) and Google Play store (Android). Just search for "Forcura".

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Android - Size: 30M - Requires Android 4.2 and up 
  • iOS - Size 8.5MB - Requires iOS 8.0 or later - Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

* Please note, Apple products may require an Apple ID to login to their App Store.  It may prompt you to enter a credit card number but you should not be required to do so.  Please look for a “No Thanks” or “Not Now” option if you do not wish to link a credit card with your Apple ID.      


2. Logging into Forcura

Launch the Forcura app and enter your Forcura username and password.  Then click “LOGIN”.  Once logged in, you will be prompted to set a PIN or fingerprint ID.

  • Username: your accuratehomecare.com e-mail address if one was provided to you OR the e-mail address you provided to Accurate Home Care for logging into ADP
  • Password: Forcura123!  (You will be prompted to set up a PIN or a fingerprint ID)

Tutorial Videos: Logging into Forcura, Setting a PIN, Setting a fingerprint ID (you will need to have iOS's Touch ID or Android's fingerprint scanner enabled on your device)


3. Capturing an image or document


Forcura 1

Tap the camera icon at the bottom to take a photo of a document, timecard, or anything else.  Hold your device as still as possible to ensure legibility.


4. Uploading documents and images

Once you’ve taken a photo, it will ask if you’d like to ‘delete’, ‘save’, or ‘scan manually’.

  • Delete: the image will be deleted and not uploaded to the drive.
  • Scan Manually: the image can be cropped or manipulated before saving if needed.
    • Please ensure the images you upload are legible, clean, and neat. 
  • Save: the image is saved to the Scan Capture screen and can be uploaded at that time.


Forcura 2

After saving the image, go to the Scan Capture screen and select “Upload to Drive”.

Enter the “File Name” for each document you upload using the following naming convention: Patient Last Name, Patient First Name – Document Type Date or Date Range

Extended Hour Nursing Examples: 

  • Example 1: Doe, John – EHN Assessment & Care Plan 5-1-17—4-30-18
  • Example 2: Doe, John – Nursing Notes 5-21-17—5-27-17
  • Example 3: Doe, John – Medication Record April 2017
  • Example 4: Doe, John – PDN Client Sup Visit 5-16-17
  • Example 5: Doe, John – AHC Release of Info 5-1-17—4-30-18
  • Example 6: Doe, John – PDN Timecard 5-21-17—5-27-17

PCA Examples: 

  • Example 1:  Does, Jane – PCA Care Plan 4-1-17—3-31-18
  • Example 2:  Does, Jane – PCA Care Notes 2-15-17—6-12-17
  • Example 3:  Does, Jane – PCA Timecard 5-7-17—5-13-17

HMK or Respite Examples: 

  • Example 1:  Doed, Jim – Hmkr or Respite Care Plan 4-1-17—3-31-18
  • Example 2:  Doed, Jim – RSPT 485 4-15-2017—6-14-2017
  • Example 3:  Doed, Jim – HMK Timecard 5-7-17—5-13-17
  • Example 4:  Doed, Jim – RSPT Timecard 5-7-17—5-13-17

Once you have entered the document name, select the appropriate folder (see folder descriptions below).

All timecards should be uploaded to the correct folder based on service line

Timecard folder names include: 

  • EHN Timecards
  • PCA Timecards
  • HMK/Respite Timecards. 

Any patient-related records (medical or clerical) should be uploaded to the correct folder based on location (see map). Location folder names include: 

  • North Patient Services 
  • Central Patient Services 
  • South Patient Services 

Finally, if you have employee-specific records (i.e. documents that do NOT include patient information), these documents should be uploaded to the Employee Miscellaneous folder.  This folder will be reviewed by Human Resources.  


Please do NOT upload any documents to the “My Drive” option.  If you accidentally upload something to this option, please inform the Clinical Manager as soon as possible.  If you upload documents to “My Drive” and do not inform the Clinical Manager that you have done so, these documents will not be processed and may be considered late.  


5. Shutting down Forcura

After uploading your document(s) to the appropriate folder(s), please return to the Scan Capture screen.  You need to ensure ALL documents have either been uploaded or deleted before exiting the app.  To upload or delete left over documents on the Scan Capture screen, simply select the document and choose the corresponding option. 

For technical assistance, please see the troubleshooting guide below.


Trouble downloading the Forcura app?  Have you…

  • Double-checked the minimum requirements necessary for your smart phone (see above)
  • Utilized the troubleshooting websites for Android or iOS
  • Note:  If you have forgotten your password to the app store you’re using, there should be a ‘forgot password’ button on the app store’s login page.

Trouble logging in to the Forcura app?  Have you… 

  • Double-checked the minimum requirements necessary for your smart phone (see above)
  • Confirmed you are using the correct e-mail address
    • Do you have an accuratehomecare.com e-mail address
    • Do you have multiple personal e-mail addresses that could have been provided to AHC
  • Verified the password (see above)
  • Tried shutting down the app or phone and restarting
  • Try using the “E-mail Link” option.  This will send an authentication link to the same e-mail used for your Forcura login so please make sure you have immediate access to that e-mail account.

Forgot your PIN?

  • You will have three attempts to recall the correct PIN.  If, after the third attempt, you still are unable to recall your PIN, it will return you to the traditional login screen where you can enter your original password.

If, at any time, you are unable to resolve a technical issue with the app or your phone or need your password reset, please contact our internal Forcura Site Administrator at Accurate Home Care: Josh Hepokoski.

  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 763-633-3800 (ask for Josh Hepokoski, Systems Administrator)