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Communication Care Center: 866-214-3800

Why Refer your patients to Accurate Home Care?

Physicians, county workers, and hospital discharge planners can refer in confidence to AHC because we are commited to the highest quality care.
Please contact Communication Care Center to request a Patient Referral Form at 866-214-3800 or you can download the form here.
Commitment to Education
AHC has dedicated training facilites in each of our offices for ongoing and practical training for our field professionals, clients and community partners. We provide hands-on learning and scenarios to test the knowledge and critical thinking of those providing service to our clients. In home care there is no "panic button" to call for help, so our field professionals are trained regularly to ensure they are competent to provide safe care delivery for all our clients.
Commitment to Quality
In all that we do, quality is at the forefront of our minds. We employ some of the best in the industry who are passionate about providing high quality care delivery. AHC gathers feedback ongoing to improve all processes we do. This includes 7 and 30 day follow ups to referrals and clients as well as in person meetings, care conferences and quality assurance surveys. We embrace feedback from our advisory groups and make consistent changes to implement ideas that have come from our customers.
Commitment to Communication
AHC has a live person answering the phones 24 hours per day. We effectively utilize technology for communications to staff and referrals. We strive for proactive communications with all clients, employees and referrals.
Holistic Clinical Management Model
AHC is one of the only home care agencies in the Upper Midwest that values the emotional and social needs of clients and families just as much as the medical needs. We have full time dedicated Social Workers who partner with Registered Nurses to provide the holistic clinical management model to our clients.
Proven Track Record
Since 2002, AHC has shown sustainability in its operations. We have centralized intake, customer service, financial and marketing departments to demonstrate efficiency in taking care of the client. Our regional models primary focus is to develop relationships and provide quality staff to our families. We have demonstrated the ability to grow and still provide the customer service we set out to provide. Each client and employee is a member of our family. We have the large company benefits with the small company feel.