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Creating A Rewarding Environment

Company Culture

We recently started an employee engagement workgroup called the CARE Committee. Our goal is to bring employees together and continue to develop and maintain company culture. CARE means Creating A Rewarding Environment, and that’s what we aim to do: foster a culture of togetherness and fun while making clients’ lives better. We want Accurate Home Care to be a place where employees enjoy working, are engaged with each other and the company, and are proud of being part of the team!

Engagement and overall culture can be a challenge in the home care industry. At times, it provides little interaction between employees, especially those working in the field. With office and field employees across the upper Midwest, it can be challenging to reach everyone at once.

However, we know it is important to provide opportunities for employees to build relationships with one another, and have a good time interacting outside of work. We are working diligently to provide these opportunities through activities and events in individual regions as well as company-wide!

The Importance of Caregivers

"'I and a number of colleagues are saying we ought to be doing this and we ought to be doing a lot more than five percent more,' said Sen. John Marty (D-Roseville). 'We ought to be giving people living wages and people who care for other human beings, that's the most valuable job in our society.'"

KSMP reported a story about legislators home care clients' homes to see firsthand the impact that PCAs have on the lives of those they care for. Hearing clients tell their stories about the importance of the services they receive shows how vital it is for these home care workers to receive a pay increase.

Click here to watch the news segment and read the article. 

Meeting the Demand

Despite the diligent efforts of many supporters and the backing by many legislators, there was not a reimbursement rate increase for home and community based services this year. The pay that home care agencies are able to give frontline caregivers is directly dependent on the rate at which they are reimbursed for services provided. Although in recent years, some healthcare settings such as nursing homes have received substantial reimbursement rate increases, home and community based services are still in desperate need of catching up.

According to the Best Life Alliance, a 5% reimbursement rate increase in Minnesota’s 2016 legislative session would have given 73,000 people with disabilities and 35,000 older adults more consistent care. It also would have given 99,000 caregivers and staff better compensation, and ultimately affected hundreds of thousands of Minnesota families. The gap between the demand for services and supply of available caregivers continues to grow. However, home and community based services are becoming the preferred types of healthcare, elevating the need for change in the industry to meet the growing demand.

Accurate Culture

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It was great to see all of the photos that our followers posted for the AHC Selfie Challenge! We make it a priority to hold activities and events that bring employees, clients, and families together. The selfie challenge was just that—a fun way for people to show their pride in Accurate. The winners from our various social media pages are above.

As the company continue to grow, the importance of engagement and connection between all Accurate stakeholders becomes greater. While growth allows us to make sure more people are provided with the genuine care that they need, it makes it necessary for everyone to be intentional about staying connected. The culture at Accurate depends on it. The photos from the AHC Selfie Challenge (below) are a great snippet of our culture here!

Flu Vaccinations Here!

Flu Shot Here

There's one thing that's certain about the flu: it's unpredictable. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone over 6 months of age get a seasonal flu shot. It's quick, easy, and simply your best protection against the flu this season. We encourage you to get vaccinated for yourself, your family, your co-workers and our patients.

This year we are partnering with Walgreens to offer Flu vaccinations to our employees. Flu clinics will be held at the Otsego, Waite Park and Burnsville locations on the following dates/times:

AHC Selfie Challenge!

Selfie challenge circle

The AHC Selfie Challenge will run from Monday, August 29th through Monday, September 5th (Labor Day). Anytime during that week, post your best selfie on one of Accurate Home Care's social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Read more for additional AHC Selfie Challenge details!