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Choosing the Right Home Care Provider

Getting started with home healthcare services can seem daunting, mostly due simply to inexperience with the industry. Many people who are preparing to start with home care services have little if any personal experience with it, and at an often already stressful time, worrying about which provider to go with can add unwanted anxiety.

In addition to basic internet searches and looking through various agencies’ websites, there are some important questions that you can ask potential home healthcare providers. The following is a list of questions from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC), that potential home care recipients can ask providers to get a better feel for the quality and customer service that can be expected from them. This should help tremendously in the search and decision making for such an important service for yourself or a loved one.

Myths and Facts of Home Care

“The only reason people should not be using home care is because they do not know about it yet,” said Kathy, an Accurate Home Care patient who experienced various hospital and nursing home settings before learning more about home healthcare and making the switch. She is very appreciative of the healthcare services she receives in the comfort of her home. Many people do not know how far home healthcare has come, and that the services they or their loved ones need, could be provided within their home.

Kathy was unaware that she could receive the specialized services she needed without being in a hospital or nursing home. However, she has discovered that home care is available to clients of all ages in need of healthcare services ranging from basic to complex. “Accurate is constantly checking and re-checking what they are doing. They are always asking me if I need something. That doesn’t happen in a hospital or a nursing home. Therefore, I can recover much faster. I am recovering at a much greater speed in just a few months with home care than I did at the hospital and nursing home in almost a year. My home care company has accomplished what the hospitals and nursing homes couldn’t.”

Fostering Growth and Advancement from Within

STEP Scholarship ErinErin is continuing her already extensive healthcare career by continuing her education to become an RN. In fact, she has never had a job that wasn’t in healthcare. As an LPN at Accurate Home Care, she has already been preparing herself for the next step in her career by staying up to date on all of her skills, prioritizing tasks, dealing with issues that arise, and learning the roles of an RN from her Accurate colleagues.

As a company, Accurate Home Care strives to foster an atmosphere where career development is encouraged and applauded. We are proud of our employees who do a wonderful job of giving genuine care to the patients we serve. It is a top priority to promote employee development through hiring from within, providing free classes to employees, and offering employee programs that give additional training, company and community involvement, and many other incentives.

Commitment, Passion, and the Edith E. Ruppert Award

Jane Brokel Edith E Ruppert Award 10 15 15Jane Brokel has a passion for improving the lives of others—a passion that motivates her to put others before herself, and has motivated her to dedicate her life to healthcare.

While Jane loves working with her young Accurate Home Care patient, she takes her commitment to improving the lives of others one step further. She donates much of her free time to improving the healthcare industry as a whole. Her continued volunteer efforts since 2009 on the Iowa eHealth Legislative Initiative have earned her much deserved recognition.

“The Edith E. Ruppert Award is presented to the Iowa nurse who, as a member of the Iowa Nurses’ Association, is judged to have contributed significantly to the improvement of nursing and the professional organization.” This prestigious award was established 43 years ago, and has shown recognition to 45 recipients. On October 15th, 2015, Jane Brokel will become the 46th.

Accurate Blog

A continued effort and high priority of Accurate Home Care is employee and patient connectedness. We believe that between the hard work of all our dedicated employees, and the amazing stories of the patients we serve, we have a really great thing going. All of us together make up the Accurate Home Care family, and each one of us has a story. It is with this in mind that we are starting the Accurate Blog.

In addition to other outlets that we are already using, we will now be posting a weekly blog highlighting a range of topics including (but not limited to) client and employee stories, industry and legislative updates, Accurate news, and various helpful resources.

The Accurate Blog can be as interactive as you would like. If there are topics, stories, and/or tips that you think would be good for the blog, please feel free to post them in the comments or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. them to us.

Living a life filled with happiness, dignity, and comfort is something everyone deserves, and helping others achieve that is certainly something to be proud of. Here at Accurate, we’re proud of what we do and the people who make up this family. We look forward to sharing these stories with you, and hope to continue to be a helpful home care industry resource.

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