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Commitment, Passion, and the Edith E. Ruppert Award

Jane Brokel Edith E Ruppert Award 10 15 15Jane Brokel has a passion for improving the lives of others—a passion that motivates her to put others before herself, and has motivated her to dedicate her life to healthcare.

While Jane loves working with her young Accurate Home Care patient, she takes her commitment to improving the lives of others one step further. She donates much of her free time to improving the healthcare industry as a whole. Her continued volunteer efforts since 2009 on the Iowa eHealth Legislative Initiative have earned her much deserved recognition.

“The Edith E. Ruppert Award is presented to the Iowa nurse who, as a member of the Iowa Nurses’ Association, is judged to have contributed significantly to the improvement of nursing and the professional organization.” This prestigious award was established 43 years ago, and has shown recognition to 45 recipients. On October 15th, 2015, Jane Brokel will become the 46th.

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