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Accurate Home Care strives to promote employee connection and loyalty, and corporate/community ties in order to provide clients with the highest quality of care available, and the best work experience for employees possible.
We make it a goal to bridge the gap between office and field staff and clients as well as conducting community outreach for business development.
The Ambassador Program is designed to be a tool to further employee connection and community outreach. An Accurate Home Care Ambassador is an employee who not only represents themselves as a part of the company, but as part of their local community.
Program Details:
The program will be company-wide, with up to five ambassadors in each region.
Paid by metric system on quarterly basis with each objective representing one metric, each of which paying $250 each quarter if completed satisfactorily.
Ambassadors serve in three-month terms, and may choose to continue on indefinitely, as long as they meet at least two out of the three objectives each quarter.
Program objectives:
  • Mentorship: complete mentorship training and support new employees
  • Education: assist the Education Department in training and classes including within client homes, company classes, and community education
  • Community: represent Accurate Home Care within local community through volunteering and events
The application will be open the first two weeks of every July and January, giving STEP Program participants an opportunity to apply upon graduating.
To be considered for the Ambassador Program, applicants must have successfully completed all requirements of the STEP Program. Applicants must also maintain their 30 hours per week and current employee requirements, including the weekend requirement.